“Did you know that therapy is not just about creating an absence of negative feelings, or, conversely about creating happy feelings. It is about helping you live a productive life, and about helping you develop and sustain meaningful relationships. It is also about learning and applying the skills needed in order to grow from life’s ups and downs”

Dr Neal Houston

As humans, we are in a constant growth and development process, physically, emotionally and spiritually. As with all living forms, various factors can promote or hinder these processes. Pyschological growth can mean different thing to different people. 

For some it may mean greater freedom to do what they want and pursue thier interests. While others may skke to understand themselves better, develop their personal capacities or expericance new things and some my seek to overcome negative experiences and become more resilient. 

Therapy provides a safe space to encourage growth in that it cultivates your innder potential and helps facilitate effective coping strategies in challenging times. 

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